Hi! My name is Mike.

Nice to see you here. Really.

I started this blog about five years ago and it has been growing with me, my interests and time. I like programming, Unix, cyberpunk and many other geek stuff. I used to work in Robotics, so I am still interested in news at this area. And, yeah, it is also connected with cyberpunk.

Since 2009 I was an coordinator of Ulyanovsk Linux User Group (now this community is frozen). This awesome time gave a lot of experience in event organization, public speaking. Maybe that's why I love hackathons and crazy time in it.

Right now I work mostly with Ruby on Rails, Linux and a bit of Javascript. You can find my Github account on the contact page. One year ago I found a Docker project and use it day by day. Maybe you can call me an enthusiast, I don't mind. So, I am ready to write something interesting and share my thougths :)

Finally, I have a little hobby: I lead an @cyberpunk account on the Instagram. I like to find awesome cyberpunk arts and share them to others. I don't have any commercial profit from it and trying to make a full link to the author's sources. Look at it! This account has a lot of interesting arts. I'm sure that you will like them all if you love cyberpunk like me.

Have a good time!